Platform Tennis, commonly refered to as "paddle" on the east coast, is a popular racquet sport enjoyed by people of all ages. The game of Platform Tennis is unique in that it is the only racquet sport that can be played outdoors in the cold weather.


The Name: As Mentioned above, Platform Tennis is often referred to as "Paddle"  by the regulars, but it not to be confused with the game of "Paddle" which is very popular in California. Click Here to read more about the sport of Paddle. 

 The Court: Platform Tennis is played on an aluminum deck about 1/3 the size of a tennis court. It is surrounded by a 12 foot structure of taut "chicken wire" fencing which allows play off the walls. The court is typically elevated on a platform (hence Platform Tennis!) which provides a space for a heating system below the court, allowing the game to be played in the winter. 

The Equipment: Platform tennis paddles are mostly made of composite materials with aerodynamic holes drilled through out the head. Approximately 18 inches in length and covered with a gritty flocking material to keep the ball from skidding in the cold weather. Harrow has designed technologically advanced platform tennis paddles that cater to all levels of play. Shop Harrow Paddles