Advance 420 Lacrosse Defense Shaft, 60", Grey/White


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Advance 420 Lacrosse Defense Shaft, 60", Grey/White



The composite construction of the defense shaft provides a balanced blend of strength, weight and flexibility. Because it is made from composite materials, it will never dent or bend like metal shafts. It features reduced vibration and shock, while the soft edge design adds strength for improved feel and control. Rubberized finish added for optimum control and grip.


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Gender Men
Length 60"

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  1. Found a weakness

    By OBXchief March 26, 2015

    This shaft worked great for my son until last nights game. when a 250 lbs. defense men takes on a 220 attacker, the outlook was a snapped shaft and head. Again, it worked great up until then. And, they're right. It won't bend.

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