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  • Harrow Sports and the College Squash Association Renew Sponsorship Agreement

    Harrow Sports and the College Squash Association (CSA) have signed a three-year sponsorship agreement. This renewed agreement keeps Harrow Sports as the official equipment supplier of the CSA.According to Shona Kerr, Women’s CSA President, “We are extremely excited to continue our sponsorship arrangement. Harrow’s squash gear has become a fixture in the college squash world.”

    Harrow Sport’s racquets, shoes, clothes, and accessories are used by hundreds of players in the CSA. In addition, many top professional and amateur squash players use Harrow equipment.

    According to Harrow Sports’ Dave Rosen, “We are extremely pleased with the relationship that has developed between Harrow and the CSA and it was a very easy decision to extend our sponsorship for another three years. The CSA has grown steadily over the course of our agreement and I hope we continue to work with the ever-expanding programs to provide great squash equipment to all of the CSA schools for years to come.”

    “Like the CSA, Harrow is very focused on squash teams. Harrow’s customized racquets, bags, and clothing have helped make team bonds stronger for players, parents, and fans,” adds Bob Callahan, CSA Men’s President.

    Harrow Sports will have a presence at the Women’s National Team Championships – Howe Cup (February 18th – 21st, hosted by Princeton University), the Men’s National Team Championships (February 25th – 27th, hosted by Harvard University), and the Individual Championships (March 4th – 6th, hosted by Dartmouth College).

    About Harrow Sports: Harrow Sports is a recognized leader in high performance composite technology for sports equipment. Since its inception, Harrow has led the industry in game changing composites in squash, lacrosse, ice hockey and field hockey. For additional information, visit http://www.harrowsports.com or contact Dave Rosen (Tel: 303-889-9891 or Email: drosen@harrowsports.com).

    About the College Squash Association: The College Squash Association (CSA) is the governing body for men’s and women’s intercollegiate squash in the United States. It ranks players and teams, establishes and enforces rules, hosts annual individual and team championships, and archives college squash history. There are approximately 100 men’s and women’s collegiate squash programs in the United States. The CSA is dedicated to growing college squash. For additional information, visithttp://CollegeSquashAssociation.com.

  • Kasey Brown wins three medals at Commonwealth Games

    Harrow would like to congratulate Kasey Brown on her gold medal win – beating out New Zealand’s Joelle King and Martin Knight to take home her third medal of the commonwealth games.Kasey’s incredible performance also won bronze medals in the singles and doubles events, continuing Australia’s medal streak in the squash.
  • Product of the Week - NEW!!! JEWEL

    Harrow Sports is proud to announce the newest addition to our world-renowned Vapor line of frames - Jewel. With the same playability and high performance that top players have come to expect from The Vapor in a dazzling new cosmetic, The Jewel is the treasure you have been searching for. Power, control and a blinged out design.If you want to be the ruler of the court, The Jewel is the racquet for you.The Jewel is also strung with new UltraNick 17 gauge string from Ashaway for increased power and ball control. The Jewel is in stock and ready to ship today!

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