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  • 2011 Canadian Squash Championships May 4-7th in Toronto, Ont

    Harrow is proud to host the 2011 Canadian Squash Championships May 4-7th in Toronto, Ont. Click here for more info
  • Harrow Syncro lacrosse glove rundown - by Chris Fox

    The Syncro glove is the latest and most advanced release yet from an ever expanding glove line from Harrow Sports.

    Harrows focus was on beefing up the glove from its popular Torrent model. The Syncro offers a high impact foam system, a super-light high density foam with plastic inserted into each pad-zone. A triple flex floating cuff maximizes wrist mobility by flexing with the movement of your wrist while constantly providing maximum protection.

    The thumb is extremely flexible. Additional padding along the inside of the thumb, bordering the palm, has been added to protect the thumb against slashes as you follow through on shots and you expose the inside of your thumb to checks.

    The Syncro features a two-layer palm - an inner mesh liner and soft calf skin palm. This duel-layer system reduces wear and tear while providing the comfort and sensation of the stick in your bare hand. No break-in-time necessary!

    The inner-liner, decorate with the Harrow insignia, features sweat-wicking technology that keeps the hand bone dry. The same material keeps the hand cool during the spring and summer and warm during cold Fall Ball practices.

    The Syncro is available in 12" and 13.5" inches. Stock colours are White/Black, White/Navy, and White/Red.

    Setting Harrow apart from its competitors is that the Syncro Glove is fully and completely customizable. With over 9 colour zones, 3 logo zones (logo, number, name or team name), all the way down to the two colours of the "harrow" cuff logos stitching - You name it, you got it!

  • World Squash Awards 2010

    Thursday evening, January 20th marked the 5th annual World Squash Awards Dinner to honor the best and brightest stars of the squash world.

    Harrow Sports extends huge congratulations to all the winners but especially to Harrow Squash players Damien Mudge, Kasey Brown, Greg Park, and Raneem El Weleily.

    Damien Mudge:
    ISDA 2010 Team of the Year

    Ranked #1 for the 2010 season, Damien Mudge, and partner Viktor Berg, have a total of 17 tour victories in their three playing seasons together. Damien Mudge has occupied the top of the rankings for 12 seasons and has won 100 ISDA titles.

    Kasey Brown:
    WISPA 2010 Most Improved Player of the Year

    2010 Commonwealth Games triple medal winner, Kasey Brown moved to a #7 world ranking last year.

    Greg Park:
    ISDA 2010 Rookie of the Year

    Raneem El Weleily:
    FINALIST WISPA 2010 Most Improved Player of the Year

  • Squash Canada announces three year deal with Harrow Sports

    Harrow Sports is pleased to announce a 3 year partnership between Harrow Sports and Squash Canada to become the “Official National Team Clothing Supplier”.As part of this agreement Harrow Sports will also become the “Official Ranking Sponsor” for Squash Canada’s new national ranking which was unveiled in January 2011. Effective immediately, Squash Canada’s new national rankings will be renamed the “Harrow Canadian National Rankings”.

    “We are very excited about entering into partnership with Harrow Sports and look forward to providing better service to our national team players through our clothing arrangement and the agreement will increase Harrow’s brand identity through our National Rankings”, said Squash Canada Executive Director Danny Da Costa.

    In addition to sponsoring Squash Canada, Harrow also sponsors US Squash, the Ontario University Association and College Squash Association.

    Craig Corey, Canadian Account Manager for Harrow Sports said, “we work with the finest professional and amateur associations in the game and firmly believe that the support we give back is a mark of how important the game of squash is to us and how imperative it is for us to continue to be a part of its global growth. More and more squash pros, coaches and athletic directors are turning to Harrow Sports for their athlete’s equipment and apparel needs”.

  • Harrow Sports squash player of the week award

    The College Squash Association and Harrow Sportsare proud to announce the creation of a new award, the Harrow Sports College Squash Player of the Week. Each week, a deserving male and female player will be selected for this award.

    A Harrow Sports College Squash Player of the Week should have a significant impact on his or her team’s performance during the prior week and demonstrate sportsmanship.

    Please note that it will be rare for a player to win the award multiple times in the same season. In addition, winning players may play on either a varsity or club team.

    Coaches and Sports Information Directors may nominate players by contacting Michael T. Bello at the CSA.

    Nominations are due each Monday by 6 PM ET.

  • Thank You and Happy New Year!

    All of us here at Harrow Sports just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all of our friends, fans and customers for a wonderful 2010.We have lots of exciting plans in store for the coming year. Please be sure to let us know if there are things you would like to hear more about in the comments section.

    Thank you so much for an amazing 2010 and here's to a fantastic 2011 for all!

    Happy New Year!

  • From the Women's World Squash Championships 2010


    Check out the Australian team in their Harrow shirts at the womens world squash team championships in New Zealand...
  • LAX teaser...

    Our lacrosse brand manager just dropped these on my desk...what do you guys think?

  • Squash magazine reviews the Harrow Sneak Court Shoe

    Squash Magazine did a write up on the new Harrow sneak court shoe for their October issue - Here's what they had to say -Have you ever experienced that adrenaline rush when a hot car is sitting at a traffic light just dying to throw down the hammer with treads that are gushing with confidence? You know, the kind with the jet black discs of seemingly inch thick rubber wrapped around a glistening set of aluminum alloy wheels waiting to rocket from 0 - 100 mph in a blink of the eye - all the while ensuring a stickiness that will let you pull a couple of G's around the tightest corners?

    I know, I know, this isn't 'Road N' Track', but you look for the same thing for your feet on the court, right? Okay, maybe not black soled kicks since they're outlawed on the beautiful hardwoods of our squash courts, but finding a faithful, dependable, slick - looking comfy pair of shoes is a squash players dream.

    If this sounds like Nirvana for your feet, not to mention your fashion sense, then welcome to the Harrow sneak! These shoes are hot - very light, supple (as in ready to hit the courts right out of the box) snug, with a squeaky grip that is like having a sprinters starting blocks providing that little extra 'umph' as you chase down your opponent's next shot.

    What else can we say? Th3ere are squash shoes, and then there are Bugatti Veyron-like treads that you'll never want to put in the garage.

    Check 'em out - now!

    The sneak is available at select retailers nationwide, and at our website,www.harrowsports.com

    Enter coupon code FREENOVEMBER at checkout to get free shipping on this and all orders over $75 for the rest of November

  • Best hockey fight of October?

    Zenon Konopka vs Daniel Carcillo - Oct 30, 2010

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