Due to the speed of the game a lighter racquet is ideal for most players. Racquets range from 110 grams to 200 grams. The lighter your racquet, the quicker you can react to play the ball. On the contrary, a slightly heavier racquet may give you more power. Lighter Racquets are used by players looking for superior touch and control. Heavier racquets are used by players who like to drive the ball into the back of the court. 

  • Manek Mathur, SDA Professional uses the M-140 for doubles because of its even balance, stiffness and light weight. He uses Stealth Ultralight for singles. 



A racquet can be balanced in several different ways. There is an even balance, head heavy and head light. The balance of the racquet plays into similar features as the weight of the racquet. If you prefer a light racquet and the weight is distributed to the head, it will be more difficult to prepare for your backswing. Players looking to manuever the ball and go short often, need a racquet that is head light and low in weight. 

The shape of the racquet is purely determined by the players preference. The feel of the ball varies greatly between moulds. You may way to demo a few different shapes to decide which suits your play best. 

Another vast difference between racquet companies is the shape of the grip handle. Some handles are round and some are more rectangular. The thickness of your grip can be adjusted by adding or reducing the amount of grip wraps you have on your handle. Some players choose to add grips to their handle as it give the racquet a "light head" feel even though it is an ever balance, or head heavy racquet. Again, this is something you may want to test by demoing different options and grip combinations before determining a preference.


Similar to the racquet shape, the strings used,  the strings tension and stringing pattern depend on personal preference. HIgher tension strings increase control, while looser strings increase the amount of power generated. Thicker strings are more durable and enhance power and thinner strings increase your control, or feel, of the ball.