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The Title IX features a tapered section which gives more power to passing and shots. This shaft is durable, yet lightweight, and is great for all-weather play. Coming in multiple colors, the Title IX Tapered caters to the most colorful player.

- 31.5” in Length
- 165 Grams
- High Grade Composite Construction
- All Weather Control

*This shaft can also be customized! Create your own team design and have one of a kind Title IX Tapered team shafts. This applies only for team orders. A minimum of 15 shafts per order is required. Please contact a sales consultant in your area to find out more about custom team shafts.

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The Legacy Shaft is the perfect shaft for an aggressive defender or a versatile mid. It mocks the thickness of a boy’s shaft and can deliver game changing checks to the opposition. It is also designed to allow offensive players to maneuver throughout the field seamlessly. The Legacy’s stream-line design makes it a perfect shaft for any Harrow head.

- 31.5” in Length
- 130 Grams
- High Grade Composite Construction
- All Weather Control


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2 customer reviews

  1. Love it!

    By janeann April 08, 2016

    I play at the college level and I have been using this shaft for the past three years. Being only 5'0, I thought my hands would have trouble gripping it, but It is still smaller than a boy's shaft. It is lightweight composite, but with that the paint chips easily. I am an attacker and I have scored many goals with it.

  2. Wondeful!

    By Defensive Player February 19, 2015

    I play defense or defensive mid. When I was shopping for shaft I was looking for something with a little more weight and thickness to it. This was the perfect medium for what I was looking for. It's light enough that it's easy to run with yet heavy enough that as a defender I can preform strong but legal checks. I also really like the all weather control over it.

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