Sublimated jerseys offer unparalleled customization with unlimited color, font and logo choices. In sublimation, dye is transferred directly into the thread of the jersey, because of this, logos, numbers and design elements will not crack or peel. No additional materials are added to the jersey such as screen printed ink, or embroidery - this makes the jersey lighter and more flexible.


After Art Approval, the standard timeline to recieve your jerseys is 6-8 weeks 

Pricing varies by Item and Quantity 


Lightweight polyester fabric offering a soft hand. Great for all women's uniforms and unisex shooter shirts 
Lightweight polyester mock mesh fabric. This material is great for hockey/lacrosse teams that are looking for a lighter version than our coolwick. 
Mid-weight moisture wicking polyester with a slight textured pattern. This is the most standard material for men's ice hockey and lacrosse uniforms
Premium light weight stretch fabric. Great for women's racerbacks and skirts. When used for a racerback this material will be form-fitting. 
 Peach Microfiber
100% polyester non-stretch material. Great for women's running style shorts or a men's short. This material should not be used in any uniform top or shirt.  

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