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Bowie 45 Field Hockey Stick


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BOWIE – Precision, Performance, Perfection
The Bowie offers the complete package for any player on the field. A 24mm low-bow at 250mm provides unbelievable power and control with small skills and passing accuracy. Whether you’re dodging defenders, sweeping or throwing the ball out of the backfield, or aiming for the top corner, the Bowie will help you succeed. Let’s Dance.

Available in 95% Carbon, 75% Carbon, and 45% Carbon for various skill levels and personal preferences.

Size Options: 35.5”, 36.5” and 37.5”

45 – Control Freak

There, we said it. You’re a control freak, and that’s not only awesome, but smart. Being able to cleanly receive and control the ball is on the short list of any coaches’ favorite skills. 45% carbon still provides a respectable amount of power, but the focus here is on control. Your fundamental skills will improve dramatically and so should your playing time.