Arrow 95 Field Hockey Stick

Color Combination

ARROW – Calling All Competitors
The Arrow features a traditional mould with a 22mm mid-bow curve at 300mm. At 540 grams, the Arrow provides a dependable performance and a competitive edge. Strikers will enjoy a sharp response for deflections and quick trap and shoot situations. Mid-Fielders and Defenders will appreciate the Arrow for quick touches, sly defensive skills and a reliable tried and true hit. Available in 95% Carbon, 75% Carbon, and 45% Carbon for various skill levels and personal preferences.

Size Options: 35.5”, 36.5” and 37.5”

95 – Remarkably Light & Strong. Extraordinarily Responsive. The secret is in the resin. With a 95% carbon Harrow stick, you not only receive extreme power and stiffness, but extraordinary feel as well. We use the best materials available so you don’t have to compromise for anything less than the best.