Raneem El Welily Signature Vapor Squash Racquet

Availble Soon
Harrow Elite Team athlete, Raneem El Welily partners with our engineers to bring you her custom Vapor racquet. Redefining the way squash racquets were made since its inception, the Vapor remains our best selling racquet of all time. The Vapor’s superior blend of power and control makes it the obvious choice for top PSA pros and club players of all levels. It’s a classic for a reason.
  • Balance - Slightly Head Heavy
  • Balance At - 380mm
  • Color - White / Lime
  • Composition - Carbon / Graphite
  • Factory String Tension - 28lbs
  • Grip - White
  • Head Shape - Open Throat
  • Skill Level - Pro
  • String Type - Barrage Pro
  • Weight - 140g