X-Bow 75 Field Hockey Stick

Color Combination
Availble Soon

When you need to put one in the back of the net with time expired, you’ll want the X-Bow in your hands. The 24.75mm extreme low-bow at 200mm delivers every ounce of power and skill necessary to score the GWG. You’ll be the hero throughout the game when the X-Bow continuously delivers exceptional performance in receiving, distributing, and taking defenders on 1 v 1. This is not a specialty stick, it is just extremely special.

Available in 95% or 75% Carbon for various skill levels and personal preferences. Size Options: 35.5", 36.5” and 37.5”

75 – Proven Performance All Over the Field

Some of the best players in the world prefer 75% carbon. It’s all about finding the perfect match for your skill set. If you’re looking for a soft first touch, and remarkable power, then 75% carbon should be your first choice. The benefits of the carbon, resin, and fiberglass components will help you succeed magnificently.