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Attention all LAX Teams

‼️ATTENTION ALL LAX TEAMS‼️We’re starting 2020 off with a BANG💥 with one of our best specials yet! With every custom team backpack order, each player will receive a FREE shaft. We are extending this offer to...

Egyptians dominate the Squash World Championships

A Squash Mystery in Egypt: Is There Something in the Nile? https://nyti.ms/2N55JnR Egyptians dominate the Squash World Championships. Harrow sponsored Raneem El Welily still ranked #1 - https://harrowsports.com/pages/squash-team…  

Harrow Sports Welcomes Two New Account Supervisors

Harrow Sports is pleased to welcome Julia Feiss and Nicki Wilkinson to take on
the role of Account Supervisor, Women’s Field Sports. In this role they will be
responsible for reigniting the growth of Women’s Lacrosse.

    USA falls to Canada in Semi-Finals of Pan Am Games

    LIMA, PERU - August 6, 2019 - It was the battle of the North American foes as the No. 13 U.S. Women’s National Team met No. 18 Canada to see which team would advance to the gold medal match of the 2019 Pan American Games. The winter weather in Lima, Peru left the air in the Villa Maria del Triunfo complex chilly as the evening match got underway but the teams brought the heat in what would be a closely matched game. After scoring a goal late in the first quarter and adding a second in the third, Canada prevented USA from producing a comeback, like they had managed earlier in the tournament. The score was left at USA 0, Canada 2 following 60 minutes of play. 

      Pan American Games Check In

      The Pan American Games and Parapan American Games are a series of multisport events held between the two continents of North and South America.  The Pan Am Games are typically held a few weeks before the Parapan events. This year the games are being held in Lima Peru, running from July 26th - August 11 and the Parapan games are from August 23rd - September 1st.  The Pan American Games are an Olympic qualifying event for many teams and athletes who hope to make it to Tokyo 2020. 

        Hoffman Debuts AH13

        Ultimately, I know that a stick is a very personal thing. When I was younger, I hand-picked and treasured each new stick I got, and trusted that it wouldn’t fail me when I needed it (even though I controlled it). This stick is by far my favorite. I hand-picked this stick as well, down to the bow, colors and detailing, and am sharing it with you. It is a small piece of me, and I know that you will be able to trust it in the seconds and milli-seconds when you need it most.

          Solanco School District helps #GrowtheGame

          Standing in small groups based on our grade, I was scared.  I was shy. I did not want to be there alone. We were handed an orange stick (which I still have today), shin guards, and a mouth guard that was much too large to fit in our mouths. 

            Hoffman Recaps Pivotal Win Over China

            Time was clicking down with the score solidly at 3-1 in our favor, we were about to win our first game of the Pro-League and all I felt was relief. Relief that all the hard work we were putting in day in and day out was finally paying off. Relief that we could win a game. Relief that we could make our USA Field Hockey Alums proud. To me it felt like a weight being lifted off my shoulders, and the space the weight had vacated quickly filled with a re-ignited fire to win and compete.