Favorite hard to find in Colorado

The weather may be clearing after several days of rain in Colorado, but a good view of the state’s top field hockey team remains hard to get. The weather has a role in that murkiness, washing out what would have been a telling game on Wednesday between Kent Denver (2-1-2) and the defending state champs at St. Mary’s Academy (4-2 overall, 4-1 in conference).

The team with the most wins through Wednesday’s action, Denver East (5-1), might seem the logical leader. But it’s worth waiting to see how the Angels fare over a challenging stretch in their next four games, when they play Kent Denver, Cherry Creek, Smoky Hill, and Colorado Academy.

Don’t sleep on Colorado Academy (4-2), the only team so far to beat Denver East and Cherry Creek (4-1-3). The Mustangs’ 3-0 win over Creek on Wednesday ended the Bruins’ four-game winning streak. Palmer Ridge (4-0-2) is worth attention as well, since they own a win over St. Mary’s and a tie with Kent.

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