First Look at the New Line of Field Hockey Sticks

The Bowie is one of four new series of Field Hockey sticks that Harrow Sports is launching during May 2017. Here is your first sneak peek!

Bowie Teaser

THE BOWIE SERIES –  Precision, Performance, Perfection

The Bowie offers the complete package for any player on the field.  A 24mm low-bow at 250mm provides unbelievable power and control with small skills and passing accuracy.  Whether you’re dodging defenders, sweeping or throwing the ball out of the backfield, or aiming for the top corner, the Bowie will help you succeed. Let’s Dance.

Available in 95% Carbon, 75% Carbon, and 45% Carbon for various skill levels and personal preferences.  Size Options: 35.5”, 36.5” and 37.5”

The Bowie Series is part of the Heroes Collection. Coming May 2017. Stay tuned for more info and pre-order opportunities


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