From The Harrow Booth – 2013 National Indoor Tournament Richmond, VA

Last weekend the Harrow was at the National Indoor Tournament in Richmond, VA. The Dawson Duo of Natalie Ashman (Dawson) and Meghan Dawson, worked the event and have a lot to say about how the tournament went! Natalie was tweeting from the tournament the entire weekend posting pictures, meeting with teams, and (as always) watching great hockey! Plus they looked great doing it too!

Here is what Natalie had to say…

I LOVED working at the NIT this past weekend in Richmond, VA.  Although it was only the U19’s I was still reminded about why I love this game so much.  I am so grateful to be a part of the Harrow Hockey Team.  It has given me the opportunity to again be apart of one of the greatest games on earth…Field Hockey!

Working alongside me, was my younger but much knowledgeable sister Meghan.  Meg’s currently a member of the US Training Squad as well as an awesome Harrow Sales Consultant in NJ/PA.  My mom, aka ‘the Mom of all the Dawson Girls’ as well as my baby sister Melanie were both there to watch two of my four children as I attended to the booth.  It was wonderful to be there with all of them for the weekend.  Just like old times, right?  

Although, I was not able to watch much of the hockey action, interacting with the players and coaches was just as much fun.  It was an awesome feeling to help someone find a stick that they love, a double down glove to help protect their already swollen knuckles or to just hang out and talk hockey with some of our young fans, errrr I mean Meg’s young fans.  Yes, Meg had some young boys from the 9 or 10 year old bracket asking her to come watch their games, of course Meg obliged and I was left in the booth alone.  But when Meg came back so did the young boys and once again our booth was full. 


It was fun to watch Steve Jennings of AU Field Hockey play around with the young guys (and an RD8).  They had no idea who they were playing with but their eyes lit up watching Steve and his skill.  How awesome to see so many young boys playing this great game!

We had a young girl who kept coming up to the booth to buy a stick with her ever so patient dad.  She finally got it on Sunday.  I called her #1 Harrow Fan of the weekend.  

Then there were the girls who gave my ego a great boost by being oh so sweet and acted really excited to have met Meg and I.  Being Rachel Dawson’s sister is a big deal it seems…:-)  

I met a future Hawkeye who was SUPER COOL and caught up with a few former Hawks!  Saw a few of my former USA teammates – all those hugs are priceless!  Visited with coaches that have been my US coaches (Tess and Steve) and coaches that I have always admired through the years (Karen that’s your shout out!)

I saw fathers standing at one end of a field gently yelling out to their daughters to go with more speed.  There was something so familiar about them that I had to do a double take.  It could have been my dad.  Well, don’t you know that those fathers were from my high school in NJ.  It was nice to see that somethings never change!

But most of all I saw growth in the game.  More parents.  More players.  More teams.  More guys playing and loving hockey.  

At the end of the weekend I met a young girl who is committed to the University of Maryland and is so excited to be a Terp.  In her eyes I saw the excitement and dedication that I once held before heading to Iowa.  

I look forward to my next tournament.  And to the unique experience it will be! 

 Natalie Dawson-Ashman 


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