Game 1 vs. ARGENTINA

Last night’s match against Argentina ended in a draw at 1-1. At the end of the first half the score was 0-0, with both teams’ goalies were making incredible saves. In the second half the rain started to fall, but the US fans were prepared and stayed to watch and cheer on the team. Katie O’Donnell scored the lone goal for the US with 19 minutes on the clock in the second half. Not long after, Argentina’s Noel Barriouevo scored the equalizer with 10 minutes on the clock, to leave the game at a 1-1 tie.

Charlottesville’s NBC29 was at the game and were able to put together a great highlight video of yesterday night’s game. To check it out click HERE  

The girls have now traveled to Virginia Beach to compete in tomorrow’s rematch game at 5pm, which is being held at Old Dominion University. The girls are excited for another chance to play Team Argentina, and what better way than with a swarm of USA fans in the stands! We will all be cheering them here at Harrow!

Following the NBC Broadcast game on June 23rd, USA Field Hockey is hosting the 2012 Olympic Celebration for athletes, coaches, fans, friends, parents, etc. The celebration will have live entertainment, food, and hockey highlights. During the celebration, the US Olympic Team will be presented and will be outfitted in the very cool HARROW issued “Olympic Celebration Jerseys”.  If you are wanting more information on the televised game on June 23rd or want to get tickets for the celebration head over to the USA Field Hockey site to purchase tickets . The game and celebration will be held at the Virginia Beach Convention Center. Tickets are 55$ for Adults and 25$ for kids under 12. All players competing in the National Futures Championship and Futures Elite Championship will receive a complementary ticket to the Celebration!



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