Harrow Ice Hockey

Hello Harrow Hockey Fans,
My name is Jeff Corey. One of the many hats I wear at Harrow is to help evolve the Ice Hockey Line. Now that Christian Hockey has been sold back to the good people in Minnisota, we have a strong focus on re-launching Harrow Hockey.
With growing demand for our Lacrosse, Squash, and Field Hockey line of equipment and custom team apparel, the decision to go back to Harrow Hockey was simple. Our loyal customers have spoken, and they wanted to see the bright colors of Harrow on their hockey product.
Click the following link on our website to check out the new Custom 2-Piece Harrow 300 engine.
With the many colors, shapes, finishes, curves, and flexes, there are over 1,100 different ways to assemble a stick that is right for you.
See you on the ice…


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