Harrow Sports To Sponsor the Central Hockey League

Harrow Sports is proud to announce that they have signed a three year sponsorship agreement with the Central Hockey League (CHL)! The Central Hockey League (formerly the Central Junior Hockey League) is a 12 team Junior “A” Hockey League based out of Eastern Ontario that kicked off their 50th year at their Annual September Showcase last weekend.

“Being one of the title supplier’s for the Tier 1 Junior “A” Central Hockey League is a major step in the growth of Harrow Hockey. The Central Hockey League has proven, year over year, to be one of the premiere Junior hockey leagues in Canada. We are very excited to have signed this three year sponsorship, and look forward to building a long term relationship with Kevin and the league!” says Harrow Sports Ontario Sales Supervisor and Hockey Pro-Rep, Mike Cwiertniewski.

Kevin Abrams, the League Commissioner, states, “We’ve been watching the growth and success of Harrow Sports over the past couple years. Their diversity as a complete custom equipment and apparel manufacturing company make them a perfect fit for the Central Hockey League. The fact that the top two scorers in our league last year were using Harrow Hockey sticks when the agreement wasn’t in place was all the evidence we needed to feel confident in this new sponsorship agreement. We hope this is the beginning of a long-term partnership.”

Harrow Sports, Inc., based in Denver, Colorado, is a sports-equipment manufacturer focusing on hockey, lacrosse, squash, field hockey, racquetball and tennis. Harrow serves the hockey market with a complete line of equipment and apparel products.

For additional information, contact Harrow Sports at 800.541.2905 or by email at custserv@harrowsports.com.


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