Harrow Sports & USA Field Hockey Partner for New ADM Program

Harrow Sports & USA Field Hockey Partner for New ADM Program

Content Courtesy of USA Field Hockey

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – May 8, 2019 – USA Field Hockey is excited to announce the official launch of the USA Field Hockey American Development Model (ADM).

The USA Field Hockey ADM is a guiding framework for players, coaches, umpires, program leaders and fans to get into the sport earlier and stick with it longer. Field hockey is a sport for life and the ADM provides best principles for age and stage appropriate development on how, what and when to teach, train and play to maximize the fun and enjoyment of the sport.

The USA Field Hockey ADM was built in partnership with the United States Olympic Committee. The goal of the ADM is to help athletes in the United States realize their full athletic potential and utilize sport as a path toward an active and healthy lifestyle.

ADM’s utilizes long-term athlete development concepts to promote sustained physical activity, participation in sport, and Olympic and Paralympic success. USA Field Hockey has taken the basic ADM principles and applied them to the sport in the United States to provide a framework for inspiring a lifetime love of the game.

The USA Field Hockey website has been expanded to include an entire ADM section with general information about the ADM and Core Values, Competition Formats for Development and a multitude of resources to help all stakeholders in their field hockey journey.


Specifically, USA Field Hockey has introduced GAME ON Field Hockey, a small-sided game structure for youth and beginner players that includes skill development and the introduction of leadership roles. In addition, USA Field Hockey is offering substantial savings on the new GO Ball, an oversized, lightweight ball that is perfect for play on any surface and ideal for youth and physical education classes. The new GO Ball is now available for purchase by clicking here.

USA Field Hockey would like to thank Harrow Sports for supporting GAME ON Field Hockey!

“Those who attended the 2019 USA Field Hockey Summit had a sneak peek at the American Development Model and some of the new resources and equipment and were very excited about it all,” said Sally Goggin, USA Field Hockey’s National Development Director. “The ADM and it’s supporting programs and modified equipment, such as GAME ON and the new GO Ball, are going to be game-changers for our sport, making field hockey more fun and accessible for all ages, and easy to teach and learn, even for those with little to no experience. Our goal is to support all stakeholders in field hockey to fuel grassroots development and growth across the country among boys and girls of all ages.”

“The ADM provides a guiding framework for all those involved or looking to get involved in field hockey,” added Craig Parnham, USA Field Hockey’s Director of Coach Education and Learning. “From the basic concepts of physical literacy for children through to the fun and enjoyment of seniors and masters field hockey, the ADM will support coaches, players, umpires and parents as they engage with our sport at whatever point they are introduced to it.”

Over the next several months, USA Field Hockey will be offering multiple ADM aligned programs and modified equipment to fuel and support growth. Additional information about these programs is available at usafieldhockey.com/ADM. Programs will be launched as soon as the new equipment is available, with a projected time of this summer.

USA Field Hockey would like to thank all members for their continued support of field hockey in the United States. Members are encouraged to share this information with friends and family, adopt the ADM, and to join USA Field Hockey in the mission to Grow the Game, Serve Members and Succeed Internationally.



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