National Futures Championship

Harrow field hockey traveled to Virginia Beach to jam with the young field hockey stars of the future, at the National Futures Championship. It was so exciting to see so many young girls all showing off their skill and talent.

Teams were divided into cities from around the world and color coded according to age group. The final results and winners were:

Atlanta won the u/14 section.
Congratulations to the following team members:

Erin Bradshaw, Jessica Niccum, Erin Matson, Christie Van De Kamp, Lexi Davidson, Erin McNamara, Kelsey Keener, Jenna Patrine, Linnea Gonzales, Jen Bleakney, Mariah Lowman, Taylor Stone, Katrina Carter, Samara Spence, Nicole Olguin, Austyn Cuneo, Lauren McNally, Coach: Rebecca Masteller

Amsterdam won the u/16 section
Congratulations to the following team members:

Regan Spencer, Madeline Hedrick, Eryn McCoy, Kyla Cordrey, Krysten Mayers, Marissa Balleza, Elena Veale, Jamee Albright, Julia Petrey-Juarez, Elana Meer, Sarah Keer, Teresa Carotenuto, Mary Flick, Hannah Fisher, Alaina Madeline, Kristina Bassi, Heather Wiley, Coach: Maggie Long

Sochi won the u/19 section
Congratulations to the following team members:

Deidra Clymer, Sara Nicolas, Hayley Hoge, Nicole Miller, Mallory Roach, Olivia Hajek, Hannah Thiemann, Shannon Regan, Sarah Urdahl, Celia D’Agostino, Jessica Gardiner, Ashleigh Allen, Jenn Staab, Brittany Hopkins, Sydney Supica, Hannah Brotzge, Gabriella Giannone, Coach: Lauren Sickel

My favorite part of the tournament was definitely the sea of Harrow back- packs. It was the ‘it’ item at the tournament and we just love it. If you want to order your individual or team back- pack’s please contact or call 303-892-3472
Remember we customize bags and uniforms so get your harrow on for this upcoming season.


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