NC Hockey

It’s not unusual to see three North Carolina teams ranked in the top 10 in Field Hockey. Nobody should be shocked when they look at the preseason college poll (bottom left corner) and see UNC, Wake and Duke near the top of the D1 rankings.

But high school? Now that’s a different story! Check out the current high school national rankings from yesterday. Not less than four teams from North Carolina on the front page.
Who are these girls? Well, for those of you who play a bit further north; a little color. Durham Academy, Country Day and Latin have been the cream of North Carolina hockey over the past decade. All three schools have very strong programs and battle amongst each other annually for the private school state championship. Chapel Hill High is also a perennial favorite in the public division.

The national highlight game of the week should be today as #2 Durham Academy travels south to take on #3 Country Day. It will be a battle and set the stage for early season superiority.
Want to see your team on the front page? Truth be told, I think it helped this week to….play early, play often and WIN!

See ya’ll at Festival and Disney!


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