Pan American Games Check In

Pan American Games Check In

The Pan American Games and Parapan American Games are a series of multisport events held between the two continents of North and South America.  The Pan Am Games are typically held a few weeks before the Parapan events. This year the games are being held in Lima Peru, running from July 26th - August 11 and the Parapan games are from August 23rd - September 1st.  The Pan American Games are an Olympic qualifying event for many teams and athletes who hope to make it to Tokyo 2020. 

Here is a recap of what has happened so far with the  #TeamHarrow sponsored athletes:

  • Squash was one of the first sports to complete its event.  For the team event, both of the USA Men and Women’s teams placed first.  In the lineup for the Men’s team is Chris Hanson. Chris also won gold in the Men’s Doubles, alongside Todd Harrity.  

  • Runner up for the Women’s Team Event went to Canada.  On the roster of Team Canada is Samantha Cornett. Samantha won a bronze for her individual performance, and a silver for the Women’s Doubles partnered with Danielle Letourneau.  Also on Team Canada for the men is Nick Sachvie, who won the silver in the men’s doubles with Shawn Delierre.


  • Another player we saw give his all is Chris Binnie.  Chris is from Team Jamaica.  
  • The field hockey games are still taking place.  Our own Ashley Hoffman plays for the Women’s squad.  As of August 1st, the women’s team has beaten both Mexico and Chile.  Playing against Mexico ended with a shutout to USA for the 5-0 win.  The match against Chile was thrilling. Down 0-2 at the beginning of the third quarter, Team USA found the determination for the comeback.  Within the second half, Team USA managed four goals for the win at 4-2. Team USA plays Peru on August 2nd at 1pm (EST).  After that match will be the standings for the quarterfinals, semifinals, and then hopefully onto the finals. 

  • The Team USA for men’s field hockey have played Peru (16-0 win), and Canada (0-4 loss). 
We can not wait to see what else the Pan American Games have in store!


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