#SpotlightSunday with Metro HC

#SpotlightSunday with Metro Hockey Club

written by Haley Buffenbarger, Class of 2019

While some players and their families are hesitant to attend Festival because it is over Thanksgiving, that is the reason I go.

Before Festival, I found myself lumped together with every other family in America. Visiting their grandparent’s house, eating way too much food, regretting how much food I ate, and then driving home. Festival gave me the chance to do something different and also experience Thanksgiving in a new way with my “second family”.

Every team has their own quirks: the “mom” who always has snacks and never says no to sharing, the “uncles” who can joke with anyone and keep any situation light, the “grandma” who is everyone’s cheerleader and will never give up on you, I could go on. Although I am no longer with my team that has accompanied me to so many Festival’s, the countless memories will never be forgotten. That team, like any other, assembles family members that I would never be able to live without. Together we have made memories that will last forever as we move on to college and beyond. Festival gave me the chance to bond with a group of girls that I never would have met, if not for field hockey. I will never forget the countless chicken fights or late night pizza parties, and eating dinner on Thanksgiving Day surrounded by my family.

Festival is the chance every team needs to bond, create chemistry, and have an amazing time. It being over Thanksgiving gives you the chance to be thankful for your team, and thankful I will forever be.

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