#SpotLightSunday with Windy City Field Hockey

#SpotlightSunday with Windy City Field Hockey

written by Sarah Considine — senior at Windy City Field Hockey, attending Columbia University in Fall 2019

Festival is a tournament that I look forward to every year.  It has allowed me to compete against teams from around the country, not only giving me the opportunity to elevate my game, but also exposing me to different styles of hockey.  This high level of competition has been incredibly important to not only my personal growth as a hockey player, but also the growth of our team each year. It is always our final club tournament of the season with that year’s team, and serves as a way for us to show how hard we have worked all year and continue to improve our skills.  I have attended the tournament for several years, and the high competition served as an inspiration for me to pursue my dream of playing collegiate hockey. When I was younger, watching the U-19 teams play was one of the coolest things ever. I admired those girls and looked up to them, and they served as one of the earliest catalysts for my desire to pursue hockey at the collegiate level.  The nature and size of Festival made this dream a reality, as its great size draws a wide variety of college coaches. This gave me the opportunity to showcase my play in front of many coaches throughout the course of the tournament. Festival played an integral role in my college process, as it gave coaches time to see me play in games over the course of several days– an opportunity unique to Festival.  Outside of the multitude of opportunities that Festival has given me, it has always been a tournament I have greatly enjoyed. It’s something that I always look forward to as it combines all of my favorite things- great hockey, time with teammates, and a holiday with friends and family. On this annual trip, I have not only made a lot of new friends, but also continued to strengthen my friendships with my teammates who I will be friends with forever.  Festival is a very special tournament, and I am looking forward to another great event this coming November!

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