Squash magazine reviews the Harrow Sneak Court Shoe

Squash Magazine did a write up on the new Harrow sneak court shoe for their October issue – Here’s what they had to say –Have you ever experienced that adrenaline rush when a hot car is sitting at a traffic light just dying to throw down the hammer with treads that are gushing with confidence? You know, the kind with the jet black discs of seemingly inch thick rubber wrapped around a glistening set of aluminum alloy wheels waiting to rocket from 0 – 100 mph in a blink of the eye – all the while ensuring a stickiness that will let you pull a couple of G’s around the tightest corners?

I know, I know, this isn’t ‘Road N’ Track’, but you look for the same thing for your feet on the court, right? Okay, maybe not black soled kicks since they’re outlawed on the beautiful hardwoods of our squash courts, but finding a faithful, dependable, slick – looking comfy pair of shoes is a squash players dream.

If this sounds like Nirvana for your feet, not to mention your fashion sense, then welcome to the Harrow sneak! These shoes are hot – very light, supple (as in ready to hit the courts right out of the box) snug, with a squeaky grip that is like having a sprinters starting blocks providing that little extra ‘umph’ as you chase down your opponent’s next shot.

What else can we say? Th3ere are squash shoes, and then there are Bugatti Veyron-like treads that you’ll never want to put in the garage.

Check ’em out – now!

The sneak is available at select retailers nationwide, and at our website,www.harrowsports.com

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