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Thank you for you patience and participation on our site. We are working hard to add all of the necessary features and make sure your team is ranked properly! At this point, every HS Field Hockey team in the nation should be listed on the site with scores coming via automatic update as we speak.
In the mean time, keep spreading the word… Field Hockey is on it’s way to the main stream!

The new NFHCA Div. 1 Poll was release this morning with the top 5 holding strong. The rankings are based on NFHCA member/coach votes and records through the previous weekend. Voting members take into account not only the win/loss record but also strength of schedule. Some of you may question why #1 Maryland (10-1) is ranked ahead of #2 Syracuse (12-0) when Syracuse infact beat Maryland this season. The answer lies within their strength of schedules. Maryland has beaten 6 ranked teams so far (#3, 9, 10, 13, 15, 20) while Syracuse has only beaten 4 (#1, 6, 11, 17). If Syracuse was to lose a game, where do you think they would fall in the rankings? It of course depends who they lose to, but keep in mind the other top 5 teams have only lost to each other, except when Iowa lost to #9 Duke. The last month of regular season should be interesting as #1 Maryland and #5 Iowa still have 3 ranked teams to play while #2 Syracuse, #3 Wake Forest and #4 UNC each have 4 ranked teams remaining in their list of things to do.

I am awaiting scores from 3 of our Undefeated High School teams (Penn Manor, Emmaus, and Wyoming Seminary), if you were able to catch the game or know the score, please update it for us!

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