USA Ends Series with a Tie – Time for the Olympic Celebration!

I know you all tuned in to Saturday’s game between the US and Argentina, and what a game! It was obvious to all of us watching that the US is a force to be reckoned with! The girls looked fit, energized, and most importantly: passionate! Its hard to not get excited about the US’ chances in the upcoming Olympic Games. They have met every challenge that they have faced front on with determination and passion. It was great to see all of the US’s patriotic fans dressed up to support the girls in the heat. Even though the game ended in a tie, 2-2, it is great to see the progress that the US team has made. I know we will all be awaiting the next rematch between this two teams in London!
Life-Size Cardboard cut-outs of the Olympic Team
After the game, the Olympic team was finally able to celebrate at the Olympic Celebration dinner. Harrow was of course there to partake in the festivities
Below Harrow’s Rachel Dawson is accompanied by fellow Olympians and University of North Carolina teammates Amy Tran-Swensen and Katelyn Falgowski. Speaking of Tar-Heels, recently Harrow has become a sponsor of the UNC Field Hockey Team!

In other hockey news, the National Futures Tournament is fully in swing until the 27th, which is the last day of U-19 competition. Good Luck to all participants!

Harrow and Glo Professional Flags lining the National Convention Center
Glo Professional Tent at NFTs 

 Make sure to check out the Harrow and Glo Professional tents at the tournament. Glo Professionals is one main sponsors for the US Team and their products are definitely worth taking a closer look at! Click HERE to go to their website. 


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