Women’s National Championship in Washington D.C.

This week of field hockey in America’s capital definitely highlighted America’s finest field hockey skills and players. For the spectators it was a treat to the eyes with beautiful goals, team build ups, passing play, cards and excitement.

New Jersey seemed to grow from strength to strength and played well as a team to finish. Mid Atlantic had many chances at the goal but struggled to convert when it counted, despite their caliber of strikers. California played consistently but struggled to come up with ‘W’s in most of their games. The South had strong defense and defensive line which drove them to goal. Pennsylvania was kept safe by their guardian of the goal, Amy Swenson. New England always surprised and had a quick, skilled forward line with great one v one finishing skills.

At the end of today the standings are as follows:
1. New Jersey
2. South
4.Mid Atlantic
6. New England

So for today’s exciting play offs:
New England will play California for 5/6. Mid Atlantic will play Pennsylvania for 3/4. The final will be battled out between South and New Jersey.

Play off games have been scheduled earlier because of possible weather delays.
Most of the games were ‘tweeted’ live so if you aren’t following @harrowFH you should be. It’s where it’s all happening.


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