World Squash Awards 2010

Thursday evening, January 20th marked the 5th annual World Squash Awards Dinner to honor the best and brightest stars of the squash world.

Harrow Sports extends huge congratulations to all the winners but especially to Harrow Squash players Damien Mudge, Kasey Brown, Greg Park, and Raneem El Weleily.

Damien Mudge:
ISDA 2010 Team of the Year

Ranked #1 for the 2010 season, Damien Mudge, and partner Viktor Berg, have a total of 17 tour victories in their three playing seasons together. Damien Mudge has occupied the top of the rankings for 12 seasons and has won 100 ISDA titles.

Kasey Brown:
WISPA 2010 Most Improved Player of the Year

2010 Commonwealth Games triple medal winner, Kasey Brown moved to a #7 world ranking last year.

Greg Park:
ISDA 2010 Rookie of the Year

Raneem El Weleily:
FINALIST WISPA 2010 Most Improved Player of the Year


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