Harrow is Introducing some new Field Hockey sticks into its already stellar lineup of sticks. 
One of which is the new LOBO.  The LOBO has the low bow that is associated with some of our Elite sticks like the TEMBO and the RD8, but the LOBO is going to be a little more forgiving leaving the payer with a great touch on the ball. This is going to be a great stick for a player that wants a great Advanced stick, but does not need the composite power of our Elite sticks. The Low Bow design of the LOBO will enable players to upgrade their game, without having to worry about the ball deflecting too far off of their stick when receiving: giving you more control than the Elite Sticks. 
Not to mention the LOBO’s graphics are extremely unique. With one side being white with orange and yellow graphics, and the other side jet black – player’s will look slick on the field as well. The product is a great way to get a top of the line stick without the power of the Elite. 
Check out the Stick Here:

Harrow Sports :: LOBO torch Elite Field Hockey Stick


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