Harrow Field Hockey would like to introduce you to the RD8.

We are really excited about this new top of the line stick that was designed by and for National Team Player and Harrow Sponsored Player, Rachel Dawson. 
Similar to the TEMBO, The RD8 has top of the line composition that is going to give players extreme power and great skill due to its cutting edge “Low Bow” design. The RD8 is designed for International play for top of the line players, but that does not mean that only the top players in the world use it! When you pick up this stick, you are going to see an immediate change in your skill, power, and touch with the ball. The RD8 is not only the top stick that Harrow Produces, it is also one of the top sticks in the game! Every player that picks up this stick raves about the touch. When asked about all of the sticks that we have, Harrow’s Brand Manager, Alli Tanner, raves about the RD8 saying, “this stick is such a game changer, I wish I could have played with it when I was in college!” If you are looking for that competitive edge that will put you an inch in front of the competition; at any level, the RD8 is the stick for you!
The combination of the power and touch of the RD8, makes it one of the best sticks in the game. 
Check out the RD8 here:


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