With the recognizable double stripe in red, The Tomahawk is a new addition to Harrow’s line up of Advance Field Hockey Sticks. Harrow wanted to produce a stick in our Advanced line that had all of the composition of an elite stick, but was geared for players not quite at the Elite level. The Tomahawk is going to give players a leg up on the competition with its’ perfect balance of power and touch that intermediate to advanced players desire. This stick is geared for that player that is on the verge of being an elite player and is looking for a stick that isn’t going to take away the control or touch that they have come accustomed to with the stick they already have.

The Tomahawk is going to be that extra “something” that every player is looking for when they come into high school or college when learning and trying new skills.

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Harrow Sports :: Tomahawk Elite Field Hockey Stick


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