Time to bow down to the new addition to Harrow’s Elite Line of  Field Hockey sticks : THE DYNASTY

The DYNASTY is the the latest addition to the Elite Line. With the recognizable double stripe, the Gold Dynasty has the traditional bow and composition that any player would love, with the power and touch of our Elite Sticks. The DYNASTY is geared for an attack-minded player that wants a forgiving stick that doesn’t compromise it’s power. The composition is similar to that of the TEMBO and other Elite sticks in Harrow’s Line, but has the traditional bow adds an ease and comfort that players have come accustom to. If you are looking for a stick that has more power, but don’t want to change the composition or bow of your traditional stick, the DYNASTY is the stick for you!
Picture above is Harrow’s sponsored player, Rachel Dawson, that she tweeted after a clinic sporting the new DYNASTY. 
Click here to check out the Dynasty:


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